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Wind turbines are built to last. Through our wind farm optimization programme, we can extend the lifetime of your wind farm even further, while also increasing its performance.

condition-based monitoring

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance can dramatically reduce the chance of sudden and unexpected failures of critical turbine components. We use the vibration data of mechanical components, such as gearboxes and generators, to forecast any necessary fixes. Where needed, we can also perform a more detailed analysis. This combines the data with other factors such as temperature, oil pressure, power output and wind speed. Our expert condition-based monitoring allows us to schedule maintenance works in the minimum possible timeframe, reducing downtime and the severity of possible failures.  

Operational strategy

Operational strategy

Each wind farm operates under a unique set of commercial conditions. By assessing income streams and operational impact on the full extent of your assets, we can provide the best operational strategy to fit your specific needs.

Performance evaluation  and improvement

Performance evaluation and improvement

Our in-house analysts are on hand to detect any inefficiency in your turbine and wind farm performance. Their technical analysis will cover performance reduction both historically and in real time to identify patterns, trends and any improvements that can be made to enhance your wind farm’s output.

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