Site management for wind farm optimization

Site Management

With a decade of experience operating our own sites, we know what it takes to offer you reliable and sustainable wind farm management.

Our site management services

Planning, budgeting and reporting

Right from the start, we provide planning and budgeting support for all your required operations activities, from inspections and maintenance to audits.

We also provide customized reports with detailed information on your wind farm’s availability and production. Everything is geared around meeting your specific needs and allowing you to fully understand how your wind farm is performing.

Health, safety and environmental management

You’ll never find us compromising on safety - it’s at the heart of what we do.

We’ll ensure your wind farm complies with health, safety, and environment (HSE) legislations and is a safe and environmentally friendly place to operate in. Not only do we schedule regular HSE site inspections and audits, we also provide your site with all the required safety equipment and procedures to meet all legal obligations.

Contractor management and supervision

If you’ve externally sourced contractors or have visitors on-site, we can manage and supervise all ongoing operations and any work performed on the wind farm.

Facility management

We can manage welfare facilities, on-site storages and other facilities as needed.

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