Our wind turbine repair services

Wind turbines are exposed to highly variable and often extreme weather conditions. This mechanical stress could eventually result in major component failures. Our experience makes us perfectly placed to perform repairs and replacements as and when they’re needed.


Repair and wind component exchanges

Our technicians’ wide-spread expertise enables us to perform repair work on any of the major wind turbine technologies on the market. We offer a range of repair services which we can tailor to the type of turbine components involved.

Our investment in industry-leading technology enables us to drastically reduce your spending. With our Liftra Self-Hoisting Crane we can perform up-tower generator and gearbox repair without the need for a conventional crane.


Scheduling and sourcing of cranes, jack-up vessels and tools

We take care of all your site logistics, from planning, sourcing and scheduling to performing and supervising any maintenance work. We can bring all the required personnel and material to your site, including the sourcing and scheduling of cranes and vehicles. Our global network gives us access to the best technology and tools, allowing us to keep costs low for your business.

Innovating to save you Time and Money

Our self-hoisting crane can work anywhere there is a usable road, requires no crane pad, comes in a single container and has a higher cut out speed than a traditional crane. To get the most out of this equipment, E.ON Energy Services established a Major Correctives Team with decades of experience performing major component exchanges. Our team is one of the best in the business at major repairs and replacements for gearboxes, generators, bearings, and rotors.

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