How does cutting carbon make headlines?

UPM Plattling

Pulp & paper

Their challenge

In Plattling, Bavaria, UPM produce up to 790,000 tons of magazine papers per year. Their highly efficient paper machines run 24/7, 365 days a year, requiring huge amounts of energy, both electricity and steam. They wanted to set up their own energy supply to reduce carbon emissions and maximise their efficiency onsite.

Extraordinary thinking

By closely collaborating with UPM Plattling, we were able to design a bespoke energy solution to meet their needs. We knew that UPM needed a solution that responded to fluctuating demands for power and steam, so we designed a power plant where we could customise its performance.

Imaginative solutions

The solution we implemented for UPM was a highly efficient combined cycle gas turbine power plant. The plant is very flexible and converts excess steam from the paper-making process into electricity.

The difference

With the new combined cycle gas turbine and back-up boilers, UPM benefits from a secure energy supply with a steam availability of nearly 100%. Thanks to the increased energy efficiency of the solution, their fuel efficiency exceeds the regulatory standards by far with a reduction in carbon emissions of 270,000 tons per year.

Success stories

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We worked with Marks & Spencer to achieve 34% energy savings across 550 stores – helping them save money and reach their ambitious carbon reduction targets in the process.

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Achieving your goals



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Creating an energy efficient business.



Safeguarding your energy supply.                                            



Enhancing experiences for customers and employees.