Can you lose 200 tonnes of CO2 through smarter energy controls?

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer


Their challenge

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is one of the UK’s leading retailers. With more than 500 department stores throughout the UK, and a commitment as a business to building a more sustainable future, wastefulness is not an option.

Extraordinary Thinking

After extensive analysis, our experts identified M&S’s lighting as being responsible for inefficiencies across their stores. By working closely with the business’ retail consultants, we connected the lighting, HVAC and submetering systems of 550 stores to our Energy Management Centre.

Imaginative Solutions

Our state-of-the-art Energy Management Centre allows us to monitor energy data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means our experts can see how much energy M&S are using in each store and continuously provide solutions to improve efficiency.

The difference

We helped M&S achieve 34% energy savings across 550 stores. Helping them save money and reach their ambitious carbon reduction targets in the process.

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Success stories

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Marks & Spencer

We will turn wasted heat into spending power for Deutsche Gasrußwerke and help its neighbours Coldstore to benefit from low-cost energy.

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Binero Group AB

We partnered with Binero Group AB to develop a unique and sustainable data centre that provides our customers in Vallentuna with one third of the town’s district heating needs.  

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Alfred H. Schütte

We helped Alfred H. Schütte exceed their energy targets with a 14% reduction in consumption and fully underwritten savings.

Achieving your goals



Cashing in on your energy savings potential.



Creating an energy efficient business.



Safeguarding your energy supply.                                            



Enhancing experiences for customers and employees.

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