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Warehousing and logistics
Warehousing and logistics

Their challenge

Our logistics client is a world leader in providing real estate to manufacturing and distribution companies. They have more than 500 state-of-the-art distribution centres and warehouses in Europe alone. But whilst lighting is one of the main drivers of operating costs in their buildings, it often seems to make little sense for the business or their customers to take on complex, time-consuming and capital-intensive projects to upgrade their lighting systems.

Extraordinary thinking

We worked with the business to come up with and invest in highly efficient LED lighting options that provide better quality light, better reliability and are a better solution for the environment. We then devised an innovative financing concept that delivers the upgrade. The business’ customer or tenant pays an extra fee to cover costs, but this fee is less than the cost of the energy saved by the programme.

Imaginative solutions

We support this multi-national business to manage all aspects of delivery with minimal interruption. This includes everything from devising their overarching strategy to promoting the benefits of the proposal to tenants across their EU portfolio. What’s more, the lighting systems are simpler to install, provide real-time data to help track savings, and offer flexibility so that customers only make payments through the term of their lease.

The difference

Our solution provides our logistics client and their customers with reasons to invest in better lighting. Upgrading to LED lighting will make buildings more efficient, meet regulatory requirements and increase the property value. Meanwhile tenants will benefit from reduced operating costs, reduced carbon emissions and a better working environment. Win-win.

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Success stories

Marks & Spencer
Can you lose 200 tonnes of CO2 through smarter energy controls?

We worked with Marks & Spencer to achieve 34% energy savings across 550 stores – helping them save money and reach their ambitious carbon reduction targets in the process.

Can you make ice cream out of rubber?

We will turn wasted heat into spending power for Deutsche Gasrußwerke and help neighbouring companies to benefit from low-cost energy.

Binero Group AB
Can a data centre be used to power an entire community?

We partnered with Binero Group AB to develop a unique and sustainable data centre that provides our customers in Vallentuna with one third of the town’s district heating needs.  

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