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Their challenge

Deutsche Gasrußwerke were producing a significant amount of surplus for their carbon black production, primarily for the tire industry. But how could they turn that excess heat into something useful?

Extraordinary Thinking

A sustainable alliance was the answer. We looked for a perfect match: a company that could benefit from the excess heat, willing to expand to the greenfield around the corner. We found the Coldstore Group, who were in need of additional energy to keep their refrigeration going. By working together with the City of Dortmund, our experts can help Gasrußwerke and Coldstore achieve their objectives in an efficient way.

Imaginative Solutions

Our system recycles excess heat from the Gasrußwerke plants and converts this into cooling for Coldstore. In addition, the solution increases the attractiveness of the "Cleanport" technology location at Dortmund's industrial harbour with a new player on the ground.

The difference

The solution intelligently combines supply and demand. It turns wasted heat into spending power for Gasrußwerke by providing an additional revenue stream and allows Coldstore to benefit from low-cost energy while reducing their CO2 emissions and running costs. A great partnership, a great example of recycling surplus energy.

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Success stories

Can you lose 200 tonnes of CO2 through smarter energy controls?
Marks & Spencer

We worked with Marks & Spencer to achieve 34% energy savings across 550 stores – helping them save money and reach their ambitious carbon reduction targets in the process.

Can the wasted heat from a data centre be used to power an entire community?
Binero Group AB

We partnered with Binero Group AB to develop a unique and sustainable data centre that provides our customers in Vallentuna with one third of the town’s district heating needs.  

Can a global manufacturer integrate all its energy systems to hit its energy targets?
Success story

We helped Alfred H. Schütte exceed their energy targets with a 14% reduction in consumption and fully underwritten savings.

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