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Binero Group AB

Binero Group AB

Data and technology

Binero Group AB (former Online Group) is a Swedish provider of digital infrastructure services whose new data centre is based in Bällstaberg, north of Stockholm.

Their challenge

Data centres use a massive amount of energy and often have a negative environmental impact. We saw an opportunity to implement a unique and sustainable solution with Binero Group by developing a new type of data centre in Bällstaberg.

Extraordinary Thinking

How do you make the internet more environmentally friendly? Binero Group were looking for a solution that was beneficial to them and also to society. So we decided this was a great opportunity to help the local community in a sustainable way.

Imaginative Solutions

Our energy solution not only provides 100% renewable energy to the new data centre - it also reuses the data centre’s waste heat by injecting it into E.ON's district heating network. That way, the surplus energy can be used for other purposes, such as heating nearby towns.

The difference

Thanks to our sustainable solution, Binero Group are able to prove that they’re an environmentally friendly choice. It’s the first step on their way to finding more green solutions in the future.

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