Alfred H. Schütte

Alfred H. Schütte

Global manufacturer of machine tools

Their challenge

Alfred H. Schütte were looking to significantly reduce the energy consumption of their site in Cologne, Germany.

Extraordinary Thinking

Our experts worked closely together with the Schütte team to first diagnose their existing issues, then tailor a unique solution to fit those needs. This involved a complete redesign of their entire heating system.

Imaginative Solutions

We fitted a warm water pump heating system, new boiler technology with 2.6MW power and a CHP with an output of 400kW. We also installed a digital control system connected to our energy management centre to allow for 24/7 remote monitoring and optimisation.

The difference

Alfred H. Schütte exceeded their energy targets with a 14% reduction in consumption and fully underwritten energy savings. Now they can rest easy knowing their energy is always performing in the company’s best interests.

Success stories

Marks & Spencer
Can you make ice cream out of rubber?

We will turn wasted heat into spending power for Deutsche Gasrußwerke and help neighbouring companies to benefit from low-cost energy.

Binero Group AB
Can the wasted heat from a data centre be used to power an entire community?

We partnered with Binero Group AB to develop a unique and sustainable data centre that provides our customers in Vallentuna with one third of the town’s district heating needs.  

Can you lose 200 tonnes of carbon through smarter energy controls?

We worked with Marks & Spencer to achieve 34% energy savings across 550 stores – helping them save money and reach their ambitious carbon reduction targets in the process.