Why get a smart meter?

Smart meters are self-reading and put you in control of your energy by showing you how much you're spending.

They work in the same way as a normal gas or electricity meter but more clever. A smart meter talks to your smart energy display to show you how much energy you’re using and communicates remotely with your energy supplier so you’re billed correctly, using the same kind of technology as your mobile phone.

Smart meter
save money

Save money

When you can see exactly how much you’re spending, you can make small changes to use less. 

save time

Save time

No need to manually submit your meter readings – they’re automatically sent to us.

stay in control

Stay in control

Decide how much you want to spend and set a budget on your smart in-home display with the budget function.

Smart meters can enable meaningful change

Smart meters can enable meaningful change

As part of its shift towards creating a lower-carbon energy infrastructure, the UK is focused on installing smart meters in every home and business by 2020 and we're working hard to ensure that anyone who wants one, can have one so they can begin benefiting today.

Innovative energy solutions

Smart meters are a key enabler for digital energy-management solutions. An EU Directive from 2009 stipulates that, to the degree technically and financially feasible, all customers should have one. Member states must transpose this directive into national law. For example, Germany's Act on the Digitalisation of the Energy Transition of 2016 specifies that all customers who consume at least 6,000 kWh electricity annually or have grid-connected generation capacity of at least 7 kW must be equipped with a smart meter by 2032.

Our distribution system operators (DSOs) in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania, which are part of our Energy Networks segment, are responsible for installing smart meters in their service territories; in the United Kingdom our sales organisation provides them to its customers. German law created two roles for the provision of smart meters. The first role, the basic metering provider, is responsible for the mass rollout of the standard smart meter mandated by German law. At E.ON, this role is performed by our German DSOs. The second role, the competitive metering service provider, offers the standard smart meter as well as other metering solutions. At E.ON, this role is performed by our German regional energy utilities and E.ON Metering.

Our target for smart meters is to install a total of roughly 14.5 million in all our markets by year-end 2026. However, our DSOs in Germany were unable to begin installing smart meters in 2017 as planned because the German Federal Office for Information Security has yet to certify meter manufacturers. It must certify three smart-meter gateways (the communication unit in a smart metering system) before installation can begin.

Intuitive apps for quick overview

We offer a number of apps that enable residential customers to visualise their energy consumption, which is the first step toward identifying ways to reduce it.

These include the E.ON SEE app in the United Kingdom and the E.ON app in Sweden. E.ON SmartCheck, an online energy audit, offers our customers in Germany various functionalities depending on whether they have a smart meter. It can display a household's energy usage in real time and offer individualized energy-saving tips. 


More control, less costs: E.ON Optimum

Control the energy use in your company and increase the energy efficiency systematically. E.ON Optimum energy management software analyzes all relevant data to give you an overview of your consumption.

From our the entry package up to our professional package, you can look forward to an energy management system flexibly tailored to your needs.

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