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New metering technology is gradually entering German households: The Act relating to digitisation in the shift towards renewable energies, which entered into force in 2016, is intended to replace conventional analogue meters with digital electricity meters, step by step.

As a smart meter service provider, we support energy suppliers in the rollout and operation of intelligent measuring systems. From planning through to assembly. From individual modules through to the all-round worry free package. Custom-fit and tailored to your needs. In addition, we offer innovative solutions for digital added value.

Intelligent metering systems

In future, most private households will receive an electronic electricity meter, also known as a modern measuring device (mME). Compared to the conventional meter, the advantage of the technology is that customers can access information in greater detail about energy consumption via the meter's display.

At a power consumption exceeding 6,000 kWh, the modern measuring device is additionally equipped with a communication module, a smart meter gateway, it is referred to as an intelligent measuring system. The gateway automatically transmits consumption data (encrypted according to the  Federal Office for Information Security) to the corresponding operator of the measuring point.

The intelligent measuring systems measure and report the meter reading every 15 minutes - this makes the power consumption more transparent and as an example, potentials for saving electricity can be detected. The intelligent measuring systems also enable forward-looking product innovations.

Monitoring Smart Meter

Private customers

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