Renewables 2.0

From wind to solar to bio energy, we’ve always got our eye on the future

renewable energy - solar

In our ever changing, innovating and evolving world, we need sustainability. But real sustainability needs real solutions.

That’s why we focus entirely on the new energy world.

And with our longstanding knowledge and experience in building, managing and operating innovative solutions, we are pushing the limits of renewable energy. But we’ve also become a trusted partner for our clients, no matter what your individual energy needs are.

Making a splash – offshore

E.ON is the third-largest operator of offshore wind farms in the world. We're heavily involved in the field of offshore wind energy and see great potential for the technology. 

The power of wind

Wind is one of the world’s most powerful natural forces – but it’s also really important in the generation of our green energy. We’re proud to be one of the world's largest owners and operators of onshore and offshore wind farms.

But we don't just stop there. We are continuously optimizing wind farm performances around the world – for us and for you as a client or business partner. Our focus is to enrich the wind service market with more customer orientated solutions, so that everyone –including you– can play a part in changing the world of energy as we know it today.

Renewable energy - Biofuels


Energy with a future

Our biofuel assets include biomethane production plants and coal-fired power stations that have been converted to burn biomass.

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