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E.ON Optimum Professional

Your benefits

Quick overview: individual dashboards


Individually configurable dashboards provide you with the ability to identify energy needs, identify opportunities for action and improve your energy balance. You can, for example, compare the energy efficiency within your building portfolio and link your E.ON Optimum account with energy, business and weather data and, of course, not only on your PC, but also on your mobile devices.




Informative insights: analysis and reporting functions

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The analysis function recognizes the energetic behaviour of your buildings and systems. Important findings are summarized and automatically made available by the reporting function. E.ON Optimum Professional also evaluates specific key indicators such as electricity consumption per square metre and identifies unexpected deviations in consumption behaviour. In addition, established goals are defined and these are continuously compared with the status quo.

Granular Insights

With the modelling function, you can forecast your energy consumption and associated costs based on historical data and self-learning algorithms and thus simulate savings.


Maximum data security

The security of your data is important to us at all times. Data exchange therefore only takes place in accordance with European data protection guidelines. This means that your data is stored exclusively in European data centres, which are certified according to ISO 27001.


Then look forward to E.ON Optimum Professional


And then: just get started

The compatibility of E.ON Optimum allows the easy connection of your building and plant infrastructure. This allows you to quickly and cost-effectively create a holistic view of energy consumption. Thus, you can immediately begin to increase your energy efficiency.


At a glance: E.ON Optimum Plus and E.ON Optimum Professional

Features E.ON Optimum Plus E.ON Optimum Professional
Consumption and cost overview                        ✓                             ✓
Building portfolio consumption and cost comparison                        ✓
Comparison historical consumption and cost data                        ✓                             ✓
Load profile analyses                         ✓                             ✓
C02 balance overview                               ✓
Weather data and temperature profile analyses                               ✓
Night / day profile and night consumption analyses                               ✓
Project investment and key indicator tracking                               ✓
Energy budget - forecasts                               ✓
Individual overview. Reports and alarms                               ✓
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