Customers Investor Relations Careers Innovation Sustainability About E.ON
Customers Investor Relations Careers Innovation Sustainability About E.ON
We will work with you to determine how Optimum can add the most value to your business. We define what data you want to gather and visualise in order to save as much energy, carbon and cost as possible, as well as helping you visualise other business indicators.
E.ON can work with your existing energy supply companies, asset and management systems or implement new systems where required. This will ensure your data flows correctly and smoothly into E.ON Optimum.
E.ON ensures energy and asset insights are set-up correctly within E.ON Optimum. User set-up is self-service allowing customers to onboard other users within their organisation at no additional cost. Training information is provided through user guides, webinars and tailored sessions where applicable.
The measured data is collected and automatically analysed in E.ON Optimum. It is accessible anytime and anywhere and can be used for the uncovering of efficiency potentials, tracking efficiency measures and driving you towards achieving your sustainability and financial goals.

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