E.ON Optimum - Maintain the overview. Reduce costs.

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Energy management has never been so easy, thanks to a system built on perfect understanding.

Optimum is a cloud based modular application that gives you true energy intelligence and empowers you to reduce your consumption and costs with ease.

How does this work? It's simple: with E.ON Optimum, you get an accurate overview of your energy consumption as well as valuable insights to increase your energy efficiency. You can also easily and conveniently analyse your energy consumption - and track the success of your energy efficiency measures at all times. Optimum helps you to better control your energy use, reduce your costs, protect the climate and reach your energy targets.


Your Benefits

Complete overview of your energy data: 

Gain a better overview of your consumption, in order to stimulate possibilities for action.

Consumption monitoring and active cost control:  

Keep an overview of the behaviour of your buildings and systems.

Lower CO2 emissions:

With E.ON Optimum, you can better control your current energy consumption and plan your future.

Individual solutions for you

E.ON Optimum Plus

E.ON Optimum Basic - Energie Management Software

With E.ON Optimum Plus, keep your energy consumption as well as the costs in view and find approaches to reduce both.

E.ON Optimum Professional

E.ON Optimum Professional - Energie Management Software

E.ON Optimum Professional* has numerous tools and features to sustainably improve your energy balance.

*Supports ISO 50001 and is eligible for subsidy from Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA)
Features Benefits E.ON Optimum Plus Benefits E.ON Optimum Professional
Consumption and cost overview                        ✓                             ✓
Building portfolio consumption and cost comparison                        ✓
Comparison historical consumption and cost data                        ✓                             ✓
Load profile analyses                         ✓                             ✓
C02 balance overview                               ✓
Weather data and temperature profile analyses                               ✓
Night / day profile and night consumption analyses                               ✓
Project investment and key indicator tracking                               ✓
Energy budget - forecasts                               ✓
Individual overview. Reports and alarms                               ✓
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Further energy solutions

More is more: For the significant improvement of your energy efficiency and CO2 balance, we offer, besides E.ON Optimum, further customized and innovative energy solutions for your company: from small scale CHP to industrial power generation, from financing outsourcing to remote maintenance, from flexibility marketing to storage solutions.