Gas Calculation with GasCalc

Calculation of relevant properties of natural gases, LNG, and biogases

GasCalc software - Gas Calculation


The quality and hence the properties of gases may vary significantly depending on their source. Being able to accurately determine combustion and thermodynamic variables is often of considerable economic importance. The methods and processes used for determining these variables have to comply with statutory requirements. Natural gas variables determined include the superior calorific value required for energy billing and the CO2 emission factor, which is calculated from an analysis of the natural gas for emissions trading purposes.

GasCalc download

You can download the GasCalc 2.6 software licence from SmartSim GmbH via the link below.

The download as well as the installation of the demo version are initially free. Following receipt of your binding order we will release the version by e-mail using a licence file which we will generate. We will be happy to submit an offer.

GasCalc 2.6 Download now (MSI, 88.94 MB)
Software required 

Windows 7 or newer

Microsoft DotNet Framework 4.0

Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer (optional)

Licence Agreement  Download now (PDF)


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