Future Gas Grids

Gas grids become more efficient and more flexible.

Future Gas Grids

Gas grids are set to make a major contribution to the decarbonization of our energy system. One of the most important tasks will be to integrate renewable gases such as biogas or hydrogen from power-to-gas plants . The resulting increase in gas quality fluctuations is becoming a major challenge for grid operators, both in terms of gas appliances and the correct billing of the energy supplied.

To meet these requirements, energy suppliers are increasingly turning to digital solutions, as was intended by the recently adopted Act on the Digitization of the Energy Transition.

One practical example of how this trend is playing out in the gas grid is SmartSim, a gas quality tracking tool developed by E.ON. SmartSim uses all digital data available (network topology, feed-in data, consumption details, pressures) to accurately calculate the calorific values required for billing. This allows different gases to be fed into the grid in a flexible way without requiring extensive and costly measuring equipment.

Digital solutions for gas grids.

SmartSim – Digital Solution for Gas Grids

SmartSim enables end user billing based on gas quality tracking. Read here more about our method.


GasPro – mobile gas sample collector

The gas sample collector is a simple and precise method for determining the average gas quality. The GasPro is highly flexible and represents a useful alternative to a permanent installed gas chromatograph.

Gas Quality Tracking with SmartSim

Gas Quality Tracking with SmartSim enables accurate determination of calorific values at all exit points of the grid.  As a result propane admixture can be avoided when biogas is fed into gas grids. This saves grid operators costs and avoids additional CO2 emissions.

GasCalc – accurate calculation made easy

The GasCalc software is a tool for precise and easy calculation of all relevant gas properties of natural gas. The program employs the most accurate calculation methods currently available.

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