Making CO2 visible

There is a broad consensus today that carbon emissions are one of the major challenges that mankind must tackle in the next decades. It is indisputable that we need to act.

However, emissions seem abstract to most of us. Yes, we know that they are harmful for the environment and we talk about reducing them all the time – but unlike polluted rivers or plastic waste in the sea, it’s a threat we cannot directly see. What would happen if we could make this vague threat visible and you could see the CO2 that every person, vehicle or business around you emits? Would it change our perspective? 

Right now, industry still accounts for about 25% of the EU’s total emission. Therefore, we invited business leaders whose decisions can strongly drive positive change towards a more sustainable planet to join us for a special augmented reality car journey. A ride that could change everything because it made them see CO2 emissions in real time!

Surprise, amazement, and even a bit of fear were the common reactions of the invited guests. It made a lasting impression on all of them. By showing inspiring business cases on how E.ON and its partners are working together to tackle the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions during the trip we inspired them to take action. And that’s exactly what we aimed for because of the 25% emissions mentioned at the beginning, 70% are energy-related.

Thus, businesses have an enormous opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future. We at E.ON work together with businesses across all industries to reduce this percentage and to reach zero CO2 with zero risk. 

Let's tackle the challenge together

Binero Group AB

Reducing CO2 is a big challenge but at E.ON we have developed solutions that help our partners to contribute to a more sustainable planet while accelerating their business.