Great minds think alike: how to stay ahead by putting collaboration first

Great minds think alike

What’s preventing your business from being more profitable? Every organisation is looking for that failsafe way to improve their bottom line, and energy efficiency can feel like a quick fix to reducing your overheads.

But what if we said that the way to cut costs isn’t just about finding the perfect solution? That the route to finding the right answer is actually about asking the right questions?

Extraordinary solutions very rarely come like lightning bolts from the sky. Instead they arrive cushioned by hours of research, homegrown by a team of great thinkers. It’s this collaboration which is crucial for developing the right answer for your business.

Being nimble footed

The best collaboration comes from being agile. Agile working encourages teamwork at every stage in the process. By working closely together in time-boxed periods, you can deliver tangible results that can be tested.

So could your business benefit from looking beyond short-term solutions and start acting future-first? At E.ON, we think agile to make sure we’re finding energy efficient solutions fit for tomorrow. Garance Emmerich-Bundel, Head of Product Management & Engineering at E.ON, believes that “the agile way of working is a journey to make that bridge from old to new.”

“Working in the agile methodology really makes our team very lean, light and quick to adapt to changes”, continues Emmerich-Bundel. Those changes can be anything from shifts in the market to feedback from the customer or regulator communities. Staying ahead of the game helps customers avoid unexpected costs and secures long-term profitability for the business.

For Emmerich-Bundel, agile is “a very easy way to work with the customer, because they can see results very quickly. They really feel like they’re part of an evolving product offering.” Right from the offset you know whether you’re heading in the right direction, saving time and money further down the line.

Thinking outside the box

Collaboration with customers is crucial for developing a solution that is worth your investment. Working with different stakeholders from across your business gives you visibility of different KPIs, so you can integrate a fair market view. That way your profitability and energy efficiency aren’t restricted to one area of your business.

So how do you keep everyone invested in the project to maximise cost savings? Emmerich-Bundel says that “we have regular sessions where we just talk about [the customer’s] business and their operations, how important energy is to them and any other topics where we could potentially use the software to help them”. When you’re constantly questioning whether or not you’re solving your business problems, you end up with a solution which is founded in profitability.

Working in an agile way starts with a simple vision – how to get there is unknown. Building, revising and testing with one goal in mind allows you to be more creative, so you can find unexpected ways to save money for your business. And that’s when lightning strikes. 

Future thinking