Limitless Minds: Boosting businesses & the environment

Anthony Ainsworth, CEO of E.ON Business Solutions

Why the planet needs sustainable business solutions

The industry is responsible for 25% of all CO2 emissions and 75% of it is energy related. Yet, only 50% of the companies have a sustainability business plan – a drastic fact, pointed out by Anthony Ainsworth, CEO of E.ON Business Solutions, at Innovation Days 2019. He and his business are doing everything they can to help companies find their path to a sustainable future. In fact, he even regards E.ON as being part of the sustainability business rather than the energy business. Together with their partners, E.ON Business Solutions finds measures to reduce energy consumption and use energy more effective.  

How sustainability becomes profitable

You might think that driving sustainability is a noble cause, but your company needs profits to grow – not solar panels. Anthony and his team can proof that increasing sustainability and profits at the same time is possible. All it needs is a holistic approach: reducing energy, re-using wasted energy, looking at alternative fuel sources – whatever increases energy efficiency can also increase profits. An understanding that has become much more relevant over the last few years and will play an even bigger role in the future. 

Targeting the heads and the hearts

To find out where we can create value while improving sustainability, E.ON Business Solutions takes a closer look at the company. What are the most important touchpoints for saving money and CO2? Buildings and their infrastructures with lighting, heating and cooling are a major factor. Often, 95% of a building’s energy consumption can be reduced by simply using an intelligent Energy Management System. And looking at energy production, simple things like installing solar plants, CHPs and fuel cells can save money and emissions. These are just a few of many optimizations that E.ON is using to save energy wherever possible.   

There’s no Planet B. But there is a Plan E

How does E.ON Business Solutions excite new business partners? They want to convince companies’ CFOs and other decision-makers that fighting for sustainability is the right thing to do for the planet – and for profits. Because even though we don’t have a Planet B, there is a Plan E. What does that mean? We only have one planet. So, E.ON Business Solutions calls its approach to sustain our homes the Plan E: Energy is part of the solution as there is no sustainability without sustainable energy. Together with its customers and its holistic energy strategy Anthony and his team have already found solutions – to tackle this challenge to make an environmental impact while boosting business at the same time. To save our Planet A for our children so that we don’t need a Planet B!

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