See the city anew

See the city anew

Reducing carbon emissions is one of the most important challenges we need to tackle together. However, currently it is an invisible threat. With “See the city anew” we made CO2 emissions visible and inspired business leaders to take action.

Limitless Minds: Boosting businesses & the environment

Only 50% of companies have a sustainability business plan. Anthony Ainsworth, COO Industrial & Commercial Energy Sales & Solutions, E.ON UK, shows how to boost your business while improving sustainability with the right partners.

Anthony Ainsworth
Jon Sobel

Limitless Minds: Reducing CO2 with Artificial Intelligence

Jon Sobel, CEO of American start-up Sight Machine, explains how his client saves 4,000 tons of carbon every year by predicting production processes with the help of AI. 

Limitless Minds: People as the key to sustainability

Marco Marchetti, Industrial Sustainability Director at Ferrero, demonstrates the importance of employees as ambassadors to reach the company’s sustainability goals. 

Marco Marchetti
Frank Maximilian Salzgeber

Limitless Minds: A spaceship called earth

Frank Maximilian Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures at the European Space Agency, shows how recycled innovations can lead us to a better future. 

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