Scalable and flexible

Reliability even with constructional changes

You need to be able to charge your fleet economically and reliably. In addition, the charging infrastructure should be portable – after all, logistics centres are regularly converted with changing needs. With the E.ON Drive Booster, all of this is possible at an affordable price.

In collaboration with Volkswagen Group Components
The first plug-and-play quick charging system
Easy installation
Supply possible with 100% green power
Customisable design
100% battery operation even without grid connection

Your benefits at a glance

  • Just 2 x 2 m of space is all you need for the station (required ground space: 1.3 x 1.2 m) 
  • Ideal for rental properties: without any digging – a solid foundation is enough
  • An existing grid connection is all you need (16, 32, 64 A CEE outlet) 
  • Plug and play: set up, connect, configure online
  • 2 connections with up to 150 kW (combined charging system – CCS)
  • Easy opportunity to charge during loading and unloading times 
  • 24/7 round-the-clock operation thanks to intelligent battery buffer
  • Connection to cloud service: updates, remote maintenance, and invoicing
  • Many options – from leasing to financing to purchasing (low CAPEX) 
  • Worry-free solution: we take care of service, installation and operation 
  • Flexible location: can be easily moved 
  • Fast expansion depending on changing needs

Radically simplifying electric mobility

The E.ON Drive Booster meets the special demands of a logistics centre. No other comparable solution can be as flexibly set up and modified  or used in such rough conditions – and have as little impact on ongoing operations. Take advantage of this flexibility when it comes to financing or our leasing offers and ensure you are prepared in advance for coping with future driving bans in city centres.

Leasing with full amortisation

Leasing with part amortisation

Purchase and operations

Profit from consistent monthly rates and an all-inclusive package (incl. all services such as operations, maintenance and invoicing). When the lease has expired, the leased charging station becomes your property.

Opt for an attractive alternative offering consistent monthly rates and an all-inclusive package (incl. all services such as operations, maintenance and invoicing). When the contract has expired, you can choose if want to purchase the charging station or return it.

Invest in the future by purchasing your charging station. You can then book a diverse range of services on offer. These include operations, maintenance or monthly invoicing.

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