In collaboration with Volkswagen Group Components
The first plug-and-play quick charging system
Easy installation
Supply possible with 100% green power
Customisable design
100% battery operation even without grid connection

Your benefits at a glance

Easy installation
  • Just 2 x 2 m of space is all you need for the station (required ground space: 1.3 x 1.2 m)
  • No digging required – a solid foundation is enough
  • An existing grid connection is all you need (16, 32, 64 A CEE outlet)
  • Plug and Play: set up, connect, configure online
  • 2 connections with up to 150 kW (combined charging system – CCS)
  • 2 cars can be charged at the same time
  • 24/7 round-the-clock operation thanks to intelligent battery buffer
  • Connection to cloud service: updates, remote maintenance, and invoicing
  • Many options – from leasing to financing to purchasing (low CAPEX)
  • Worry-free solution: we take care of service, installation and operation
  • Flexible location: can be easily moved
  • Fast expansion depending on changing needs

Radically simplifying electric mobility

The E.ON Drive Booster works with just a regular 32A power outlet – or without a grid connection at all. It can be used to charge two vehicles simultaneously at all times with 150 kW. With 100% green electricity on request.

Watch our video to find out more about the E.ON Drive Booster.

Perfectly suited for:

The ultra-fast pop-up charger can be connected to the existing network infrastructure at a low price – everywhere.

Easy connection and ultra-fast charging – without any extensive renovations.

Power up your parking spaces. And electrify your customers’ hearts.

With the pop-up ultra-fast charger, you can charge your fleet economically and reliably.


Well-known technology with a revolutionary twist

Two monitors

On the 43-inch monitor, you can place ads. The 10-inch touch panel makes it comfortable for users to operate the pop-up charger.

High performance

Two cars can be charged at the same time, each with up to 150 kW (max. 250 kW in total). The plug features the CCS standard.

Sustainable battery usage

The integrated 193.5 kWh battery is based on the Modular Electrification Toolkit by Volkswagen. Second-life batteries can also be taken from electric cars.

Leasing with full amortisation

Profit from consistent monthly rates and an all-inclusive package (incl. all services such as operations, maintenance and invoicing). When the lease has expired, the leased charging station becomes your property.

Leasing with part amortisation

Opt for an attractive alternative offering consistent monthly rates and an all-inclusive package (incl. all services such as operations, maintenance and invoicing). When the contract has expired, you can choose if want to purchase the charging station or return it.

Purchase and operations

Invest in the future by purchasing your charging station. You can then book a diverse range of services on offer. These include operations, maintenance or monthly invoicing.

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