Make your business responsive

Profit from the changing energy world
Profit from the changing energy world

Earn money with your installed generation capacities, reduce your net energy costs, track your generation
assets’ performance, and maintain high flexibility in rapidly changing markets.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

The Virtual Power Plant engages the energy market to identify opportunities for your generation assets to contribute to the grid when it needs it most. It takes the excess energy from your CHP, turbines, air conditioning, heat pumps – even the energy produced in your industrial processes themselves - and pays you for the service. You always retain control over when to make your flexibility available, so there’s no disruption to your core business.

Energy storage and load management

Industrial batteries can do a lot more than help you store energy. They can also help to provide protections for your business against blackouts, avoid power fluctuations in sensitive industrial processes, or even store power to consume later when prices are higher. In fact, a simple, modular Lithium-ion battery can help save up to 20% on your total electricity bill each year.

White label

Our flexibility solutions are also available to partners as a white label option, meaning you could improve your reputation and customer relationships while we take care of the operations and technical infrastructure.