Manage your energy use

Translate your energy challenges into real business benefits
Translate your energy challenges into real business benefits

E.ON Optimum helps you unlock the hidden potential of your energy consumption, in turn helping your business to innovate and stay at the forefront of your industry.

Analyse usage

Analyse your energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions either for a single site or across your entire property portfolio. Compare their performance and aggregate your data, and compare load profiles and related costs between buildings and set benchmarks.

Optimise and take control

By getting a holistic overview of all of your energy data, you can spot problem areas and take counter measures before the problem gets out of control. Target performance improvement through easy identification of the best and worst buildings for energy performance. You can access the information from any device, anywhere, any time.

Harness the future

Track the impact of your measures and take into account external variables. Our forecasting and simulation functionalities work on trends and self-learning to give a preview of future consumption and costs, enabling you to track your savings and set effective goals.

Stay safe and secure

We know the information you exchange with us and our systems is confidential and important. We’re fully GDPR-compliant and develop everything in-house.