Energy generation - Efficient boost output

Boost output

What if you could capture all energy output, and utilise it for your business? That’s exactly what our on-site cogeneration solutions are designed to do, helping you save on costs – and CO2.

Combined heat and power (CHP)

Traditional ways of generating energy wastes a lot of heat, but CHP allows you to reuse that heat within your business – reducing energy costs by up to 20%.

Fuel cell

Tick off being energy efficient and environmentally-friendly with a fuel cell that generates electricity without combustion, in a process that is virtually free of pollutants.

Combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT)

A highly efficient solution that, again, uses waste heat from the gas turbine to increase your energy output. Allowing you to lower your fuel costs and increase productivity.


Improve your environment

Make sure your business is a comfortable place to work, and make savings too, with heating or cooling generation.

energy generation - Comfort
Absorption chiller

An absorption chiller uses heat (even waste heat) to power the cooling process, allowing you to keep your staff comfortable or your fridges cool.

Heat pumps

A highly efficient way of reducing heating or cooling costs, heat pumps extract heat from the ground or air and distributes it across your building, commonly in HVAC devices.


Essential for day-to-day operations, our biomass boilers can keep productivity up and emissions down.


Reduce waste

Reduce waste

Use energy recovery generation to transform wasted energy into useful energy for your business.

Waste heat recovery unit (WHRU)

Expel inefficiency and reduce your overall energy consumption by upcycling the waste heat generated in your industrial processes to be used as an energy source for other parts of your operation.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

Boost your efficiency, and your green credentials, by exploiting heat that would otherwise be wasted. Organic Rankine cycles uses organic working fluids to generate electricity and contributes the reduction of your C02-emissions.


Be more sustainable

Renewable generation has come a long way in recent years, and with regulations around sustainability rising, there’s never been a better time to get on board.

Solar photovoltaic (PV)

Has your business got a large roof or unused open space? Solar panels allow you to generate energy all year round, even when it’s cloudy. Plus, you can sell energy you don’t use back to the grid.


A cost-effective and sustainable solution, biomass plants turn cheap, accessible biofuel – like food and industrial waste – into energy for your business.

Large business

Large business

Scale up

If you represent a large business, or want to go completely independent, our experts can also guide you when you have more substantial changes to make.

Industry park supply

If you’re looking for energy generation on an industrial scale, we can help you plan, design, build, finance and operate industry park supplies with minimal fuss.

Island solutions

Generate your own energy to operate outside grid charges and increasing energy costs. And because every business is different, our experts will tailor a solution to meet your total consumption needs.