Make your business efficient

Creative thinking for big-time efficiency gains

Creative thinking for big-time efficiency gains

See the volume of energy consumed, how it’s being consumed, where it’s performing best (and worst), and how it’s affecting the environment. Our creative efficiency solutions make an impact on four levels...

Management efficiency

Get your sustainability strategy and policies in order, set sustainability measures and fix KPIs. Be ready for security audits and inspections knowing our E.ON Optimum tool complies with ISO 50001. And be compliant yourself with regional and European directives while ensuring cost efficiencies through evaluating energy taxes and subsidies.

Commercial efficiency

Take another look at your supply contracts, your energy bills and your energy management. Get into good habits for energy budgeting and purchasing. Then hook into our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to achieve cost efficiency with load controls and optimised net fees.

Industrial efficiency

Consider your energy reliability, availability and maintainability. Tap into on-site process efficiency concepts such as on-site generation across your entire energy value chain. Get the support of energy experts to analyse your holistic energy management. Create, innovate and develop energy efficiency programmes that are unique to your business.

Infrastructure efficiency

Make sure technology works for your efficiency targets, not against them. Sign up to our E.ON Optimum tool to monitor, control, analyse, optimise and report on energy efficiency, and get our experts in to analyse your current lighting, HVAC, BEMS and storage facilities.