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Can you make your building more efficient, your production processes more streamlined, your impact on the environment less harmful? Can you comply with the increasing regulatory burden placed on the industrial and commercial sectors without having to completely change the way you work? All while being mindful of profitability, sustainability, security and the comfort of your colleagues and customers?

With decades of experience in the energy sector, our energy experts can work with you to design bespoke creative solutions that push innovation and optimise efficiency and flexibility.

Help your business prosper

Energy consulting - changing energy world

Make the most of your energy use together with our expert team

An inherent curiosity for innovation means we develop imaginative answers to energy challenges that push
businesses forward in the new era of sustainability. We design and build solutions and can even operate
and finance on your behalf. No more excuses, no more delays.

Tailored thinking

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all attitude. Instead, we work with you to understand your needs and your issues - those things that are unique to your business - and design a total energy plan that remains flexible as you grow or as regulation changes.

Independent advice

We’re not tied in to supplier partnerships or preferred arrangements. That total independence lets us think creatively, and we’ll only suggest and implement the solution that makes sense for your site, your needs and your budget.

Ongoing development

Our innovative software - always developed in-house, with data security in our hands - allows for constant monitoring and optimisation of your energy. This means you have guaranteed availability, enabling you to make the most of the energy market.

20-40% cost reduction on energy

We work to bring cost efficiencies from day one. That means we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to help you solve energy challenges, save time and money, and reduce your CO2 footprint.

Case Studies

Extraordinary Thinking. Intelligent Solutions.

See how our experts spotted new opportunities for Marks & Spencer to achieve 34% energy savings across their stores.