7 surprising ways electric vehicles can benefit your business

electric vehicles - charging station

Investing in electric vehicles says your business is environmentally conscious, but electric vehicles (EVs) present you with so much more than just the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are 7 ways that forward-thinking businesses can benefit from electric vehicles …

1. Retain talent

Businesses can reduce their employee turnover by investing in electric. Those who operate EV fleets report high levels of employee satisfaction, while charging points at work will see you stand out from the crowd amongst job seekers.

2. Get free marketing

With apps like Zap-Map already in popular use, listing your charging station means putting your business on the map. You can increase footfall, attract potential clients and set your business apart from the rest.

3. Meet CSR targets

Enhance your CSR by reducing net emissions and encouraging EV ownership and usage amongst your workforce. It’s one step towards zero carbon emissions across the whole business.

4. Avoid extra charges

For businesses with central offices or central deliveries, congestion charge discounts for EVs make a huge difference. EVs are already exempt from Milan’s congestion charge and London’s congestion charge is set to increase for vehicles that don’t meet strict emissions standards.

5. Generate new sources of income

Businesses can recover charging costs when their facilities are used by customers or the public, meaning EV charging isn’t just about making savings, there’s room to generate income too.

6. Take advantage of government schemes

Across Europe, businesses can benefit from tax breaks – take the reduced toll and parking fees in cities like Paris. There are also workplace charging schemes which in the UK can offer up to £300 per installation off an EV charging socket.

7. Stay ahead of the curve

Investing in electric vehicles is an investment in the future. Governments and car manufacturers across Europe are planning for a future of more sustainable transport so making changes to your infrastructure now will keep you one step ahead of the competition further down the line.

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