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Energy management solutions

Reduce energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, increase energy flexibility

Do you want to earn money through intelligent energy management? It's possible. E.ON's energy solutions can increase your energy efficiency, optimize your consumption and enable savings / revenue through new measures, such as your company's participation in the E.ON Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

By connecting to E.ON’s VPP, you can generate revenue in several ways: on the one hand, you stabilize the electricity grid through on-demand consumption and/or generation. On the other hand, we are able to optimize your flexibility with regard to the wholesale electricity market. Thanks to your flexibility, you can also save money by reducing your grid charges.

Why use E.ON's energy management solutions?

Put an end to energy wastage

We’ll significantly reduce your energy consumption with immediate effect.

Put an end to dirty energy

We always aim to find sustainable ways to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

Quick implementation

Our management solutions are quick and simple to install. Above all, they won’t disturb your core business.


Our sustainable energy infrastructure requires a low level of investment.

Earn money with energy management

We transform your energy flexibility into capital.

Customers who work with E.ON's energy management solutions

E.ON's energy management in detail

Intelligent, consumption optimized, guaranteed savings

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At every stage of our energy management solutions – from conception to planning and implementation – we are perfectly aligned with your specific company requirements.

We connect your building portfolio to one of our state-of-the-art energy management centres. There, your energy data will be interpreted and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by our experts. We know how much electricity, ventilation, air conditioning and light is consumed across your buildings.

Using this extensive data we are able to develop an all-inclusive solution, including conception and implementation to project financing. In addition, our innovative energy management systems can be installed quickly and cost-effectively in your buildings and plants. We guarantee you will save energy.

Anti-cyclical, ensure flexibility, generate income

By integrating with the E.ON VPP, your company can increase cash flow revenues. That way, you’ll be stabilizing the grid with on-demand consumption while retaining flexibility within the wholesale electricity market. This flexibility will reduce your grid charges, so you can save on overheads.

Store energy, provide flexibility, intelligently use battery solutions

We develop individual battery solutions from the technical concept to marketing. A battery allows you to generate energy at a low cost, which you can then store for use at peak times when power from the grid is most expensive. Not only will you significantly reduce your energy costs, by offering your excess storage capacity on the energy market you can generate additional income. That’s why a battery provides energy security for your business and can improve your voltage quality.

E.ON's energy consulting

Forward-looking, holistic, sustainable

The holistic approach of our energy consultancy allows us to assess your entire company for its energy saving potential and future sustainability. By analyzing the costs of your existing infrastructure, we can advise you on how to further increase your energy efficiency.

E.ON's energy efficiency solutions

On site, cost optimized, independent

Our tailor-made energy generation solutions reduce your operating costs and improve your carbon footprint. They also give you crucial independence from other energy suppliers and technology. That allows us to recommend the best solutions for you.

E.ON's energy generation solutions

On site, cost optimized, independent

Our tailor-made energy generation solutions reduce your operating costs and improve your carbon footprint. They also give you crucial independence from other energy suppliers and technology. That allows us to recommend the best solutions for you.

Current press releases


E.ON and Vertiv enter into partnership for critical energy [...]

• Customers modernize energy systems and participate in the electricity market
• Changeover from lead to lithium batteries

Energy company E.ON and technology provider Vertiv are combining their know-how in the field of energy solutions for [...]

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E.ON plans major solar project in Texas

Long-term supply contract with South Korean energy company

E.ON is moving into new orders of magnitude in the construction of solar parks on an industrial scale: In Texas, USA, the energy company is planning a solar park with a capacity [...]

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Increased production – climate protected

Life Science Specialist Bracco Relies on Energy Solution from E.ON

Production increased by 4000 tons and CO2 emissions reduced by 5000 tons. This is no contradiction for Diana Bracco, CEO of the northern Italian life science specialist Bracco [...]

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Arkona offshore project still on course

Arkona offshore project still on course
Transformer station successfully installed on the high seas

The heart of the Arkona offshore wind project in the German Baltic Sea has been completed on schedule. The electric offshore transformer [...]

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Offshore wind project Arkona inspires artist Rollo to a song about ...

E.ON publishes video on YouTube and offers free download

It’s music to our ears! The Baltic Sea wind farm Arkona is the inspiration for a song about wind energy. E.ON today released the video for the song “Mitten im Wind”. This make [...]

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Large-scale research facility ESS chooses E.ON as its partner for ...

· Energy Solutions for European Spallation Source for Neutron Research
· Contract until 2065

Major order for E.ON in Sweden: The European Spallation Source for Neutron Research (ESS) in Lund, Sweden has chosen E.ON as its energy partner. [...]

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eMobility: E.ON and Nissan enter into strategic partnership

• Cooperation on charging and vehicle-to-grid services as well as renewable distributed energy projects
• Expansion plans for European markets

E.ON and Nissan pool their international expertise in the field of electric mobility and distributed [...]

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E.ON to optimize manufacturing facilities with Artificial [...]

E.ON takes Artificial Intelligence to the world of manufacturing companies. Customers from the industrial and commercial sectors will thus be able to intelligently increase the efficiency of entire machine parks and save energy costs [...]

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Unique cooperation for energy utilisation at the Cleanport Dortmund

· Innovative project by E.ON, Deutsche Gasrußwerke, Coldstore and the City of Dortmund
· Exemplary concept for the recycling of surplus energy
· Revitalisation of Dortmund's industrial harbour [...]

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E.ON SE and FAKT AG seek partnership in the energy sector

· Contract signed at the E-world energy fair in Essen, Germany
· Cooperation on urban development projects in the Rhine-Ruhr region

The Essen-based companies E.ON SE and FAKT AG have decided to intensify their existing cooperation. [...]

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