Combined Heat & Power Solutions for your Hotel

Our combined heat and power (CHP) solution helps you to reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

The small and medium scale CHP technology is ideal for businesses that consistently use large amounts of electricity and heat. Hotels, hospitals, leisure centres, the food and beverage industry and industrial manufacturers are a good fit.

What does this mean for your business?

Save money with CHP

Save money

... with an easy-to-understand, hassle-free solution offering defined cost savings.

Improve with CHP


... your environmental profile by lowering your carbon emissions - making your products more attractive to customers.

Reduce risk with CHP


... your risk in the volatile electricity market and plan with greater certainty.

Explore your savings potential with our CHP Self Assessment Tool!

The results from this online check are based on an analysis of your input and of statistical data, using algorithms. The estimated saving potential is hence described as "typical" or as “indicative”. It does not necessarily represent the true savings potential of your specific business or estate. E.ON does not give any express or implied guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of such estimate. Any liability is excluded.

The benefits of our CHP solution

No upfront capita

No upfront capital

... is required for the supply and installation of the equipment.

Support by Experts

Dedicated support

... from an experienced specialist with a reliable solution that financially benefits your business.

CHP Service

Outstanding service

... you can rely on. We fully manage operations and maintenance throughout the life of the contract.

E.ON's energy consulting

Forward-looking. Holistic. Sustainable.

The goal of E.ON's energy consulting approach is to relate the holistic energy perspectives of your company and consider future sustainability. We will analyse the energy and operating costs of your existing energy infrastructure and we will advise you how to further increase the energy efficiency of your company.

E.ON’s energy generation solutions

On-site. Cost optimised. Independent.

Our tailor-made energy generation solutions reduce your operating costs and improve your carbon footprint. They also give you crucial independence from other energy suppliers and technology. That allows us to recommend the best solutions for you.

E.ON's energy efficiency solutions

Individual. Integrated. Guaranteed savings.

Our energy efficiency solutions are always integrated and intelligent, meaning you have complete transparency of your consumption data. Alongside potential funding from us, you can save on average 20-40% of your energy costs. Leaving you with capital to use for your core business.

E.ON's energy management solutions

Intelligent. Consumption optimised. Generating income.

With our intelligent energy management, you can generate new income streams. We’ll help you optimise your existing consumption and increase your energy efficiency, giving you the opportunity to open up new revenues.

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