Sustainable City Solutions

E.ON as Partner for the Local Energiewende

Ambitious goals to reduce carbon emissions present an enormous challenge to cities and communities. With decentral and highly efficient energy solutions for new development areas and renovation projects communities can actively shape a climate neutral environment.

Sustainable Energy Solutions for Cities and Districts

We connect heating, electricity and e-mobility to utilize synergies. Renewable and conventional energy generation are connected. Furthermore, innovative and sustainable solutions improve the value of real-estate.

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What we offer

Solution Portfolio

We develop custom-made solutions to match the requirements of your local district development and carbon dioxide reduction targets.

Efficient and climate friendly heat generation – or cooling –  is at the heart of our solutions. Modern combined heat and power plants (CHPs), heat pumps and renewables as well as energy storage solutions, are intelligently connected and dimensioned according to requirements.  We also provide charging infrastructure for e-mobility in response to the growing demand for electrified transportation.

From Concept to Realisation

We develop individual and sustainable solution concepts for your individual project’s needs. In addition to developing the technical and economical concept, we supervise the realisation phase and offer different financing and partnering models. During operation, we offer maintenance and continuous optimisation services for your energy facilities.

Extensive Expertise in realising District Solutions

Smart City Projects throughout Europe

Our Smart City portfolio proves our expertise in fulfilling innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

We support the district of Hyllie in Malmö to supply 10,000 of their living and working spaces with renewable or recycled energy by 2020.

We work on the full integration of electricity, heat and cooling by focusing on decentral energy generation to sustain self-sufficiency. And in order to balance demand and supply, we implement intelligent network technology (Smart Grid-Technology).  

Sustainable cities & Smart City
Sustainable cities - Smart City
Sustainable cities & Smart City

The urban Energy Transition in Swedish

Pippi Longstocking could hardly have done better. The sustainable, partnership-based and digital urban development of Hyllie, Malmö.

Sustainable cities - Werksviertel Munich

"Werksviertel" Munich

In Munich, we install  an intelligent platform of heat, cooling & power networks with CHPs and heat pumps. This forms the basis of our climate-friendly energy solution for this large residential and commercial district. We aim to produce 80% of the required electricity within the district itself.

On the island of Föhr, we already operate an innovative heating network. Besides CHPs running with bio gas and heating boilers, we use a power-to-heat installation to convert excess power from renewables into heat. This method will become increasingly important as the Energiewende progresses. Furthermore, prosumers are enabled to use the network for feed-in and storage. That way, customers can become almost self-sufficient with electricity and heat from the CHP.


Each district and development project is different. Get in touch with us about the possible solutions for your project.