Low temperature district heating

From environmental to waste heat, we rely on heat from renewable sources, - especially in today’s communities / districts.

With sustainable technologies such as low-temperature district heating, we can efficiently integrate this heat using heat pumps.

We also digitise our energy networks to control them intelligently. This makes decentralised feed-in possible so heating and cooling requirements can be provided locally, innovatively supplying buildings with energy.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are essential to a sustainable heat supply for our districts. These highly efficient, current-driven devices connect the electricity and heating sectors. A heat pump uses low-temperature heat from renewable sources like air, water or soil and raises their temperature to the desired level. The electricity used is a fraction of the heat provided and in the future will mainly come from photovoltaics and wind power.

Heat pumps

Combined heat and power (CHP)

A combined heat and power plant (CHP) is an internal combustion engine (similar to a car) and converts energy from biomethane or natural gas into electricity and heat with almost no loss. Our innovative CHP solutions connect CHPs with heat pumps and are the ideal bridge to a climate-friendly and sustainable heat supply.

Waste heat recovery

We are surrounded by a large but often unused source of CO2-free energy. Heat escapes from air conditioners in offices, is released from industrial plants and can be found in underground sewers. Unconventional hydraulic systems, storage tanks and heat pumps make it possible to recover this heat and use it for heating.

waste heat recovery

Near-surface geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is an essential and sustainable storage technology to the energy transition. Groundwater is driven through the upper layers of the earth and takes on the earth's temperature. And at a depth of 100 meters, this is about 12 to 15 degrees.

The goal is to harness geothermal cold in the summer and use it to cool buildings, while in the winter, use summer heat stored in the earth to heat buildings - all with as little as possible CO2 emissions

E-Mobility solutions

With less CO2 emissions, less fine dust pollution and less noise, E-Mobility is part of the district of the future and is part of our service package.

We offer electric vehicle charging generated by PV and CHP systems, practical customer apps, Europe-wide charging options and outstanding safety standards.

Solar cooling

Solar cooling

Solar energy is converted into electricity in a PV system. Especially in summer, the electricity required for cooling coincides with solar power generation. In districts, we couple cooling with PV systems - a combination that serves the sustainability standard of modern buildings, reduces cooling costs and makes the environment more comfortable.

District power

Electricity is the central element of a holistic and sustainable energy solution. That's why we offer a sustainable infrastructure and innovative services to make districts more sustainable and cost-effective with electricity.

We use our expertise for individually adapted solutions - from the transformer station via tenant electricity or the on-site generation and storage of solar, wind and CHP electricity.

District power

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