An easy way to a great energy system: 6 simple steps

General conditions
1. General conditions

Thorough inventory of your project or building and analysis of targets and goals.

Energetic evaluation
2. Energetic evaluation

Comprehensive energy assessment and simulation of energy requirements.

3. Consultation

Development of various concepts for sustainable urban development tailor-made for your project.

Identifying synergies
4. Identifying synergies

We help you realise the benefits of integrating your different energy demands.

Planning the energy system
5. Planning the energy system

We look at your situation in detail and how we can integrate any waste energy.

6. Management

We can help you access funding for innovation, be your partner in delivery and keep your energy assets working opimally.

Working with you to create a customised solution

What’s happening with you is important to us. You might be thinking about how to finance a project or run it in the longer term: Would you like to be responsible for the investment in local infrastructure while building, operating and maintaining your system as a service provider?

Or would you prefer different type of contracting model, where essential tasks are taken over by us, such as financing, construction and operation.

And if neither option perfectly suits you, we can also co-operate as a joint venture.

Our services in Europe

In Sweden we have large scale operations in Malmo, Orebro, Norchopping and Stockholm. We’re also developing and delivering cutting-edge new schemes like Medicon Village.

Through our local businesses in Germany we’re working with municipalities and communities across the entire region to deliver decentralized, sustainable and local solutions.

E.ON currently operates more than 40 decentralised district heating schemes in the UK, from operations and maintenance to full service provider.

Any questions? We’re looking forward to your message!

City Energy Solutions
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