The future of living

The transition from classic to new build houses couldn't be more fluid. Just 50 metres from the banks of the Werra, a residential park is being built in the city of Eschwege, which not only offers its residents, but also innovative, sustainable energy technology a new home.

Facts and figures

Sustainable urban development with stable energy costs


Where other concepts have been completed and technically and spatially reach their limits, the Werraufer Park in the city of Eschwege offers many options for expansion. This applies not only to the buildings in the district, but also to neighbouring houses in the city because new buildings in the surrounding area can be connected.  One thing remains constant for each individual apartment: energy costs. Properties get their own sustainable energy supply through a 30kW photovoltaic system, a gas-fired combined heat and power plant with 46kW thermal output, and a gas-fired boiler with 250kWth.

Less CO2 and energy costs, more self-sufficiency

Energy is generated from heat and electricity from a separate boiler house and a PV system, including tenant electricity, as well as the company's own e-charging stations in the underground car park. This ensures that more than 80 percent of the electricity required in the Werraufer-Park Eschwege comes from it's own production. This saves around 48,000 kg of CO2 per year.


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