World's first ectogrid™

Connecting lecture halls, cafes and research facilities

This innovative new energy solution has been developed by E.ON and the first ectogrid™ is being installed at Medicon Village in Sweden, a research and development complex dedicated to advancing knowledge in the life sciences.

The Medicon Village ectogrid™ will connect 15 commercial and residential buildings, all of which have different heating and cooling needs. It's being installed in different phases, but once complete and with the entire network connected, it will cut Medicon Village's energy consumption by approximately 78%, from 10 GWh heating and 4 GWh cooling to as little as 3 GWh of supplied energy. This will see its energy costs reduced by around 20% too.

Using, reusing and balancing energy

Medicon Village

One innovation that can reduce energy consumption and pollution in our growing cities is ectogrid™. Named after ectothermic animals such as snakes and lizards, which repeatedly adjust their temperature up and down to match the surrounding environment, this new energy solution taps into the thermal energy created in cities, districts and communities by human activity. It connects buildings with their neighbours and uses, reuses and balances the residual thermal energy flows between them.

How does ectogrid™ do this?

It combines the best performance elements of heat pumps and cooling machines with those from energy distribution grids in a new and innovative way

ectogrid™ connects neighbourhoods, towns or cities with a flexible grid that distributes thermal energy flows between neighbours. The buildings connected to the grid either take energy, or give energy back, which means that the energy demands from all the buildings are balanced against each other.

The other benefits of ectogrid™

One of the big benefits is that one thermal grid can do both the heating and the cooling, rather than two separate systems being used. This not only means it can adapt between summer and winter where naturally our needs are different but if a developer or company initially only wants a heating system installed, there’s potential to easily adapt it to include cooling in the future without having to install a whole new system. 

Future of ectogrid™

Currently available in the UK, Sweden and Germany, businesses can tap into this innovative new energy to improve environmental performance and cut costs through a range of investment options that can flexibly adapt with changing business needs, meaning the growth our cities will see over the next 30 years can be built on sustainable energy from the outset.

Medicon Village

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