Malmö: City of the future

Malmö, Sweden, is building a whole new identity around sustainability. After a recession in the 1990s, it moved away from its industrial roots and put a sustainable agenda at the heart of its growth plan. The city wants to be carbon neutral by 2025 and run 100% of municipal operations on renewables by 2030 – far above the EU target of 49% and national target of 50%.

We’re proud to be helping them make it happen.

E.ON have been working with Malmö since 2001. In 2010, the mayor asked us to be part of the flagship Hyllie project, developing the most climate smart district in Öresund and a global role model for sustainable development.

Facts and figures

The energy in the future quarter: Local and bi-directional


Hyllie has been a testbed of innovation in climate-smart urban development. Its innovative collaboration model, study of living behaviour and technological advancement have made Hyllie a monumental source of inspiration in building sustainable city districts. The lessons learnt can be scaled up and/or applied to many other municipalities.

For this intelligent flagship project, we have implemented an integrated energy infrastructure. Our innovative energy system is flexible, efficient and open to local feed-in. Interactive applications and smart visuals help residents of Hyllie reduce and optimize their energy consumption.

Our energy management system controls the smart grid as well as the storage and distribution of heat, cooling and electricity for all infrastructure.


The future starts now

One of the innovative solutions we are using for increased sustainability in Hyllie is a temperature-dynamic heating network with decentralized production of renewable energy from geothermal, solar and waste heat, as well as intelligent building technology.

To balance supply and demand, we use smart grid technologies. By digitalizing the energy network, we can efficiently integrate local energy flows and optimize the district's sustainable energy system, benefitting customers, the city, businesses, residents and not least the environment and future generations. 

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