London’s hidden energy network

The City of London is an extremely busy and thriving place in London. It has an ambitious sustainability agenda with the eventual aim of becoming a zero emissions city, making it a cleaner and greener place for everyone who visits it.

Around 8,000 live and 480,000 people commute daily to the City all demanding a reliable source of energy. The challenge for the City of London is supplying reliable, cost-effective energy, whilst trying to reach its tough carbon reduction targets for the future. Busy streets also make laying new pipes a challenge.

One answer to the challenge is tri-generation networks like Citigen. This hidden power station buried in the heart of London supplies decentralized district energy, a lower carbon and cost-efficient source of energy, right into the heart of The City.


A round thing in the London Square Mile

Using a modern tri-generation system with internal combustion engines, Citigen provides district heating, electricity and cooling to this highly populated part of London with ever-growing and changing energy needs.

The network covers over 6km of heating and over 4.5km of cooling to commercial and residential property from the Guildhall to the Barbican Centre, providing heating and cooling for the equivalent of 11,300 homes. Citigen is a key part of the solution for the City of London’s environmental targets. 

A new generation of London energy supply

Citigen has two natural gas fuelled MWM TCG 2032 V16, high efficiency CHPs. These each produce 4.3MW electricity and 4.1MW of heat.

Waste heat is recovered from engine exhausts, turbochargers, jacket cooling, and lubricating oil and transferred via heat exchangers to the network, increasing efficiency. Cooling is provided by a 3.3MW high efficiency electric chiller, with total cooling capacity of 6.3MW. 

Citigen is also home to E.ON’s UK City Energy control room. From here over 60 sites are monitored and managed in real-time, to give customers compete confidence. 

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