Intelligent control for comfortable service

With technological innovations, comprehensive supply concepts and intelligent data processing and control technology, we enable the sustainable, efficient, but also effective use of electricity from renewablesand the environment. The focus: the digitization of our operations management systems. By integrating an asset management and workforce management system into one product, we optimize daily operations. Control systems and operational management of the energy system are connected digitally. This data exchange forms the basis for energy-efficient optimization of decentralized systems in our portfolio.

Digital networks for sustainability

How can the advantages of networking heat, cold, electricity, mobility and broadband be used efficiently and intelligently? We rely on state-of-the-art cloud-based digital technology. Our software solutions help avoid peak loads in the network and increase comfort in the building. The basis for this is the precise simulation of a building that takes into account weather conditions and uses the thermal storage capacity of neighbourhood buildings. This saves primary energy - and therefore CO2. Our digital solutions make a contribution to sustainable sector coupling.

Smart home management

Are you looking for the best in terms of costs, comfort, efficiency and climate protection? No problem: We offer a wide range of smart home solutions for intelligent and direct operation of buildings. We ensure optimized use of energy and secure, mobile control - from smart lighting through intelligent heating to the control of electrical appliances. On the road, we are also driving into  the future and the energy transition: With digital payment options, apps and intelligent charging management, E-Mobility becomes easy and convenient.

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City Energy Solutions
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