Natural gas mobility

Available, clean and cost-efficient

E.ON Gas Mobil offers optimized solutions in CNG-mobility

Many municipalities suffer from high air pollution as a result of road traffic. Pollution has a serious impact on the health of the population – particularly the nitrogen oxide emitted from diesel vehicles.

Larger vehicle fleet operators such as freight forwarders and logistics companies face major challenges in ensuring an environmental friendly and cost efficient fleet operation.

At E.ON Gas Mobil, we have made it our mission to respond to the growing need for future-orientated and environmentally friendly traffic. Our customer solution means supporting vehicle fleet operators and municipalities clean up our air.

E.ON Mobile Gas is the largest operator of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations in Germany. We are operating a nationwide CNG-net of nearly 100 public filling-stations, reliably providing CNG to a whole range of vehicle users. That’s contributing to a huge reduction in emissions including carbon oxide and nitrogen oxide.

Our solutions for municipalities and vehicle fleets

Your own depot station with CNG

CNG is an instantly available fuel alternative to diesel. It’s also a way for logistic businesses and distributors to sustainably secure their delivery to customers in more remote areas as well as in inner city areas.

Our Services

A concept tailored to your needs

We’ll create an individual refueling solution for your vehicle fleet.

Easy implementation

We’re with you from the word go, installing high performance CNG stations on your depot which are tailored to your needs You do not have to worry about anything.

Years of operational experience

We are currently operating almost 100 CNG refueling stations in Germany. We have excellent expertise in CNG supply.

Comfortable service

We take care of the entire operation and maintenance of your site. If you need us, our engineers are available 24/7.


We are using only the most secure refueling technology and intelligent telemetry to ensure seamless operations.

Your Benefits

Refuel as usual

You can refuel your vehicles with CNG just like diesel. Plus there’s our natural gas fuel card, which can be used at all E.ON Gas Mobile stations.

No additional costs

By using CNG you realize an environmentally friendly vehicle operation with no additional costs vs. diesel.

Environmental protection in an easy way

With CNG you can meet the highest environmental requirements for your vehicle fleet without AdBlue or a particulates filter.

No change to your operating schedule

Switch to an innovative fuel without any noticeable changes to your established operations.


You decide what fuel you use. Natural gas or biogas, you can refuel at our CNG station.

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