Helping businesses thrive

From challenges to opportunities

To survive and thrive in the future, businesses will need to be creative with every aspect of their operations. And that includes how they handle energy. What if you could turn wasted power into spending power, or new legislation into a competitive advantage?

By partnering with E.ON to create imaginative energy solutions, your business can be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. We provide everything from energy consultancy and management to bespoke solutions and remote maintenance.

And for you, we'll never stand still.  We’re constantly developing new and smart ways of delivering energy efficiency – building a more sustainable future for our planet, and a more profitable future for your business.

Achieving your goals



Cashing in on your energy savings potential.



Creating an energy efficient business.



Safeguarding your energy supply.



Enhancing experiences for customers and employees.

Sector intelligence


Automotive & Suppliers

Increasing pressures to reduce energy consumption and emissions mean energy efficiency continues to be a top priority.


With more demanding legislation and increasing cost pressures, energy efficiency is no longer just a matter of sustainability, it’s a matter of survival.


Renewable technologies continue to play an essential role in cutting down operational costs and reducing energy bills.

Some of our solutions

From small scale Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to industrial energy generation, financing to energy management, and Virtual Power Plant solutions to remote maintenance, we’ve got your energy needs covered.

Towards a carbon-free future

With increasing regulatory pressures, businesses are exploring new ways to help drive your business towards zero CO2 with zero risk. Talk to us today to see if we can help you do the same.

More solutions

Wind Service

On top of standardised packages, we also offer flexible service solutions, covering everything from reliable maintenance to remote monitoring.

Smart meters

We’re one of the leading smart meter service providers, offering everything from installation or maintenance, and from single module solutions to all-inclusive packages.