We are living in times of unprecedented and extremely rapid change – in society, industry and technology. Driven by the "fourth" industrial revolution, with all its ground-breaking innovations, and by our society's desire for greater sustainability, the energy sector is transforming in line with the trends of decarbonization, decentralization, digitization and democratization. Moreover, this transformation will continue to be shaped by the increasing electrification of energy. Only by actively shaping this transformation will we be successful in the new energy world.

Our response to these challenges is the new E.ON. With the step-by-step integration of innogy’s energy networks and customer solutions, E.ON is executing its strategic transformation. With our clear focus on smart power grids and customer solutions, we are ideally positioned to work with our customers and partners to drive energy system transformation in Europe.

We will help to bring energy into the digital age. We are the innovation driver of energy. We help our customers to become more efficient and climate-friendly. We will make energy cleaner and its consumption smarter.

Customers at the heart of the new E.ON

The new E.ON will become more competitive, innovative and competent through the forthcoming step-by-step integration of innogy in the areas of energy networks and customer solutions. This will benefit our customers, cities and communities throughout Europe, our employees, our investors as well as Europe, our home regions and the headquarters of our company, Essen.

The new E.ON

The new E.ON offers its municipal partners a broad spectrum of cooperation opportunities for the creation and implementation of tailor-made and sustainable solutions. With smart grids, digital electricity meters and electromobility solutions, E.ON helps municipalities to significantly increase their energy efficiency.

Why E.ON

Why E.ON

As one of the largest European operators of energy grids and provider of customer solutions focused entirely on the new energy world, the new E.ON offers more opportunities and better employee prospects than most other companies in the energy industry. We are the pioneer of the energy of the future. Our employees gain exciting long-term prospects, as they have the opportunity to help shape and advance tomorrow's energy world – an opportunity that motivates day after day.

The acquisition of innogy strengthens our innovative force. For the benefit of our customers and partners, for the benefit of climate protection.

The new E.ON is particularly attractive for investors. The step-by-step integration of innogy will enable us to significantly strengthen our offering in the areas of energy networks and customer solutions. By combining the activities of E.ON and innogy step-by-step in the next months, we will be able to realize significant synergies. Having a sharper focus and clearer structures will increase our profitability and improve the conditions for investing in future profitable growth. We are convinced that the clarity of our realignment and our enhanced growth prospects will excite both investors and lenders.



Digitization in the energy sector can become one of Europe's most crucial competitive advantages in the 21st century. The new E.ON will promote Europe's green and digital agenda in the interests of its citizens and businesses. This will enable Europe to successfully compete in the global marketplace.

Partner of the energy transition

Partner of the Energiewende

As an innovative and efficient provider, the new E.ON is creating clear, forward-looking structures for the world of energy. It will play a relevant part in ensuring that Europe successfully combines its competitive strength with a sustainable energy policy.

We have always been closely linked to the regions where we do business and are therefore involved in a range of social and cultural activities. The new E.ON will be headquartered in Essen, as planned. From Essen, the new E.ON will manage the energy networks and customer solutions business in a significant number of European countries and Turkey. Essen will also be the city where new, future-oriented jobs will be created – especially through the digitization and decentralization of the energy world as a whole. Essen will also become an innovation hub for E.ON and thus a major source of impetus for Europe's successful energy transition. With the input of our customers, this city will greatly stimulate the reduction of CO2 emissions in Europe.

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