Helping our customers become more sustainable

The easiest way to emit less carbon is to use less energy. Energy efficiency and recovery have enormous climate-protection potential. So do distributed, renewable energy and e-mobility. Not surprisingly, our customers – from homeowners and small businesses to industrial enterprises, real estate developers, and entire cities – increasingly want smart solutions that enable them to use energy more efficiently, save money, and emit less carbon.

Digitalisation helps. It creates new opportunities – like digital energy management and smart-home technology – to make energy use transparent and more sustainable.

Our businesses that deliver these products and services help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Sustainable solutions for customers of all kinds

We want to be the partner of choice for sustainable energy and mobility solutions. To get there, we offer individually tailored, state-of-the-art products and services for all classes of customers.

Our solutions for residential customers enable them to produce their own green energy and become more energy autonomous. These include heat pumps, solar panels as well as battery storage systems and virtual storage accounts. We also have easy-to-use apps and online energy audits that help residential customers better understand their energy use and identify ways to reduce it. In Germany and the United Kingdom we offer smart-home devices and home energy-management systems that enhance homeowners’ comfort while reducing their climate impact.

For commercial customers, we design integrated solutions like ones for embedded power and heat generation as well as energy-efficiency plans that reduce the energy used for lighting, air-conditioning, and industrial processes.

We also develop integrated solutions for single sites, city districts, and entire cities. Our offerings encompass efficient and climate-friendly heating and cooling, co-generation of heat and power, solar energy, broadband infrastructure, as well as supply and demand management. These solutions help make living spaces more attractive and sustainable. 

We make transportation more sustainable by providing e-mobility solutions to all classes of customers, Our main offerings consist of electric-vehicle charging solutions for homes and businesses as well as public charging infrastructure for cities and municipalities. Whenever possible, electricity at our charging stations comes from renewable sources.

Sustainable solutions in practice

Less CO2 through smarter energy controls

We worked with Marks & Spencer – one of UK's leading retailers – to achieve 34% energy savings across 550 stores – helping them save money and reach their ambitious carbon reduction targets in the process.

Marks & Spencer
Binero Group AB

Using waste heat to power an entire community

We partnered with Binero Group AB to develop a unique and sustainable data centre that provides our customers in Vallentuna, Sweden, with one third of the town’s district heating needs.  

Using hot steam to keep things cool

We're installing a system that will transform waste heat from Gasrußwerke’s manufacturing plant into low-cost cooling for Coldstore, a food storage facility located nearby. 


Making Malmö smart and sustainable

We’re helping Malmö become Sweden’s most sustainable city by developing smart solutions for energy supply, transport, infrastructure, and consumption.

Technology for tomorrow’s cities

The world’s first ectogrid™ is operational in the Medicon Village district in Lund. This cutting-edge technology for tomorrow’s sustainable cities connects customers with different thermal needs and utilizes waste heating and cooling between buildings.

Medicon Village

Smart energy for Munich’s Werksviertel

We’re installing a smart energy solution in the Werksviertel, a large residential and commercial district in Munich. The solution consists of climate-friendly power, heat, and cooling from of cogeneration units and heat pumps as well as smart energy control technology.

Powering a Stockholm suburb with sustainable energy

We’re building an advanced material and energy recycling system that will transform waste into energy for Högbytorp, a town northwest of Stockholm. It will provide the region’s residents with carbon-neutral heating and electricity as well as biogas.


Making long e-vehicle journeys viable

To help establish a Europe-wide network of ultra-fast-charge (UFC) stations, we aim to install UFC stations at 180 locations in seven countries by 2020. We opened the first UFC station, located in Geiselwind, Germany, in 2018.

Together with our customers

Every customer is unique. Therefore, we are working closely together with our customers to tailor our energy-efficient and sustainable energy solutions to their individual needs. Read what our customers stories say about it:

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