We have published a Sustainability Report annually since 2004. The present report is the first E.ON Sustainability Report to be available in English only. It provides comprehensive information about our sustainability management approaches, measures and the progress we made in the 2018 calendar year. In form of an accountability report, it provides a review of the activities of the past year.

Sustainability Report 2018

Our Report

Comprehensive information about the sustainability activities we conducted and the progress we made at E.ON.

In addition to this report, we publish a separate Combined Non-financial Report, which complies with the reporting requirements of the German CSR Directive Implementation Act (Sections 289b-e and Sections 315b-c of the German Commercial Code) and is included on page 100 in our 2018 Annual Report.


Below you find our publications from previous years, including the pdf versions of our online Sustainability Reports from 2008 to 2015, for printout. However, these may not be understood as independent print reports, but only represent a PDF version of the actual online reports.