Our sustainability roadmap


Sustainability is in the clear focus of our Group strategy

Renewables, energy networks and innovative customer solutions – these are the three business areas that we are focusing on, following our restructuring last year. This means we are facing up to the challenges of a new, more sustainable energy world and are preparing to meet the requirements of the energy markets of the future. And we have restructured something else too: our sustainability organisation, because we believe that we can only be successful within our society if we see social and ecological responsibility and profitability as a single entity.

Sustainability will become an intrinsic part of us

We all make decisions every day. At E.ON we believe that sustainability needs to be a part of all our decision-making processes. Through this, we can achieve clear added value for all stakeholders in our company - whether they be staff, shareholders, business partners or society as a whole. We will therefore integrate sustainability even more closely into our existing business processes and establish a Group-wide culture of improvement. For us, this means more than just writing guidelines and making assessments; we need to get our staff on board. So we will use our plans for improvement to hold regular discussions, further expand our internal communications, moderate expert networks and inform interested staff about the available options, thereby turning our staff into ambassadors. Sustainability is already part of our vision and our brand, but it is now becoming part of our DNA. Because this is the only way we will be able to move ever closer to our objective of becoming one of the leading companies in the field of sustainability within our industry.

We define E.ON’s Group-wide focus areas

So how does one go about defining a new sustainability strategy? 

  1. At the beginning of last year, CEO Johannes Teyssen declared sustainability to be a management issue, and not only took on the position of Chief Sustainability Officer, but also became chairman of the sustainability council. The council is filled by high-ranking management staff from various sectors of our company; it makes decisions relating to sustainability and advises the Board of Management.
  2. At the same time, we set up a sustainability department that deals with the issue by acting as an innovative ideas generator and consultant.
  3. Then we got down to work. With more than 60 participants from various divisions and hierarchy levels, workshops were held to establish what sustainability means for us at E.ON and what we want to focus on in the future. These results were discussed with external stakeholders and, finally, the following 5 focus topics defined:

We listen to our customers and treat them fairly

We help our customers to optimize their energy consumption

We establish and integrate renewable generation capacity

We look after the health and safety of our customers and staff

We promote diversity and participation in our workforces

This focus is in harmony with our business strategy, our vision and our brand.

In addition to the five overarching themes, there are, of course, other sustainability challenges, such as sustainable management of the supply chain and communication with players in capital markets. We combine these themes under the relevant business units, again striving to achieve continuous improvement. The basic prerequisites for sustainable business development naturally also include adherence to legal requirements, such as human rights legislation or the regulatory requirements of the grids. However, we have less leeway in this field. Therefore, as far as is necessary and worthwhile, we will be concentrating on incorporating the specifications into our own guidelines and supporting audit processes by transparent reporting.

 We go further

We go further

Our new focus and our committed staff mean we have the opportunity to refocus E.ON’s work on sustainability and expand our ambitions. The aim of our work is to guide continuous improvement, to achieve milestones and to shape a more sustainable energy world for the future.