Energy networks, innovative customer solutions and renewable energies - we have been concentrating on these three business areas since our realignment. With these, we are making our contribution to a sustainable future and making key market developments. We invest in climate-friendly wind power and solar energy and deliver electricity to our customers via intelligent grids. We also support our customers in reducing their energy consumption with innovative solutions.

Our focus topics

The consistently sustainable orientation of our company is firmly anchored in our business strategy. We want to become even more sustainable and pioneering in all relevant fields of activity in our industry.

To achieve our goal, we set ourselves a framework in 2016 for our sustainability work and defined five focus topics. They apply to the entire Group and are reviewed annually from a corporate and stakeholder perspective in terms of weighting and timeliness.

We listen to our customers and treat them fairly

We help our customers to optimize their energy consumption

We establish and integrate renewable generation capacity

We look after the health and safety of our customers and staff

We promote diversity and participation in our workforces

From strategy to action

To breathe life into our five focus topics, our business units develop annual action plans. These plans are further elaborated together with our central sustainability department and presented and approved by the Sustainability Council - our central sustainability committee. In these action plans, our units define concrete measures and objectives depending on their individual needs and characteristics. These are based not only on the focus topics, but also include other sustainability aspects that are relevant for the respective business unit. This ensures that the measures can be optimally integrated into existing processes.

Our central sustainability officers - the Sustainability Council and the Sustainability Department - support all units in drawing up the action plans and keep track of their progress in implementing the measures. We pursue the achievement of these goals and continuously develop them further.


In the future, Board Member Leonhard Birnbaum will be responsible for our sustainability work. The role of Chief Sustainability Officer was handed over to him in November 2017 by CEO, Johannes Teyssen.

In our Sustainability Report, we provide transparent information about our sustainability work.

Our Commitments

Since 2005, we have expressly committed ourselves to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and are committed to upholding human rights, labour, and environmental protection standards. We are also involved in the fight against corruption.

We also support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in 2015. Our activities contribute to objective 7, "Affordable and clean energy" and 13, "Measures for climate protection".


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