"As 'Master of Heating', I have the power to change everything. Who would not like that?"

Jill Lees

Imagine it is October, the first colder nights of autumn have arrived too soon, and you wake up shivering in a chilly bedroom. Or imagine coming back home from a family Christmas gathering and entering an overheated home with open windows. Or you’re on Easter holiday and remember that you haven´t turned down the heating when your region is expecting a warm front. I am familiar with these situations. Who wouldn’t want to have a magic wand to manage such things when needed? I know I would and also know someone who has one.

Jill Lees is an E.ON employee and not only in her business life is interested in energy efficient and sustainable solutions. She has been using tadoº, our intelligent thermostat solution for a couple of years, is experienced with other smart energy solutions, and so happy with it that she recommends it to anyone who wants to become their own "Master of Heating".

Jill, could you please describe tadoº and why you were interested to try it?

I’d already tried another intelligent thermostat solution for residential homes before tadoº and had great experience with it. When E.ON offered tadoº which has additional features, I switched. For me it has several benefits. To start with, I know the current room temperature and can change the settings from anywhere, anytime. If you like, it can use your home location to automatically turn down the heat when everyone has left home and then warm it up again before everyone returns. And it can even be connected to the weather forecast and adjust the temperature accordingly. I like the idea of saving energy and money, and with tadoº I have the power to do just that, wherever and whenever I want.


What were your experiences so far?

comfort and convenience

I've had a very positive experience. It was easy to set up and use, and the controller unit is barely visible on the wall. With  tadoº, we can change our house temperature remotely. I travel often for business and return home at different times and would like my house to be warm when I arrive home - however late that may be. On the other hand, when I am away on a business trip for a few days or a week, I don’t want the house being heated unnecessarily during my absence. I can now either lower room temperature remotely or activate the 'frost protect' function and then adjust to my desired temperature shortly before I arrive home. 

Before I had a smart thermostat, I would have to either reduce the temperature manually when I left home and return to a cold house or keep the heat turned up and waste energy and money heating an empty house. I can also monitor temperature changes throughout the day and give the heat a boost if there is an unexpected cold spell.

Who would you recommend it to?

To everyone. It helps me save energy by optimizing the control of the heating and hot water, giving me comfort and convenience. Who would not like that? I already recommended it to friends. And I am curious what else I can do to optimize my energy usage. We have recently moved to a new house so we are currently having alterations done and will be looking at smart solutions as part of the refurbishment. Next year I will be able tell you more, but for now, being able to control heating and water heating remotely is something I like it a lot.

Who would you recommend it to?

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