Responsibilities for Sustainability

The clear organisation of our sustainability activities ensures that we work together efficiently and improve continuously.

Our Sustainability Organisation

Our Sustainability Organisation

Board of Management, CSO and Supervisory Board

Overall responsibility

The E.ON Board of Management defines our sustainability strategy and has overall responsibility for our sustainability performance. We’ve designated a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), who oversees the sustainability activities across our company and informs the Management Board about important sustainability initiatives, developments, and key performance indicators on a quarterly basis. CEO Dr. Johannes Teyssen is our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). The Supervisory Board is regularly informed by the Audit and Risk Committee of the Supervisory Board about or Sustainability performance and is also updated by the Board of Management.

Sustainability Department

Central coordination and support

The Sustainability department at corporate headquarters is involved in all aspects of our sustainability work. Its main tasks are to coordinate the planning and implementation of sustainability initiatives and monitor their progress, collect sustainability data, and conduct our annual materiality analysis and sustainability reporting. Together with the Sustainability Council (see below), it supports the business units in meeting their sustainability targets. The team also provides advice to employees on sustainability issues and strives to raise awareness across the organisation. In all these tasks it works closely with the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) team.

Sustainability Council

Forum for exchange

The CSO also chairs our Sustainability Council. Established in 2013, the council consists of six senior managers from our corporate headquarters, units and central functions with expertise in sustainability issues. The council serves as a forum for sharing information, discussing progress toward our sustainability targets, and identifying emerging challenges. It provides advice on corporate policies relating to sustainability and periodically assesses whether our sustainability strategy is consistent with our vision, corporate strategy, and brand identity. The council also engages with outside stakeholders and helps us forge partnerships. It reports to the Management Board twice a year.

Units and central functions

Decentralised implementation

Each unit's and central function’s management team is responsible for taking action to enhance sustainability and meet the sustainability targets they set for their unit or central function area. This decentralised approach enables them to contribute to our Groupwide targets for topics like climate protection and corporate governance, while also tailoring their actions to their own specific needs. Each unit and central function has sustainability staff who raise awareness, coordinate projects and initiatives, and monitor progress toward targets. They share information at regular intervals with our Sustainability Council and the Sustainability Department at corporate headquarters.


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