Binding framework for orientation

We have put in place effective organizational structures and clearly assigned roles and responsibilities based on the principles of good corporate governance. In doing so, we are guided by internationally recognized ethical, social and ecological principles. In our guidelines and policies that are binding for all our employees we define the framework and minimum standards for our business processes.  In order to be able to react quickly to changes, they are continuously reviewed.

Overview of our Group policies

Our policies apply throughout the E.ON Group. This includes all individual entities in which we hold a majority of shares, as well as projects and partnerships over which we exercise operational responsibility. We also require our partners and suppliers to meet our minimum standards.

Our group-policies comprise of two parts: the People Guidelines including the Code of Conduct and the Function Policies including the Steering Policy. The Code of Conduct and the Steering Policy have also been valid for our employees of the former innogy units since June 2, 2020. These units will implement the E.ON People Guidelines by the end of the year at the latest. The innogy guidelines remain valid until the time of implementation.


Verhaltens Kodex
People and behaviour

The Code defines general behaviour and values that are important to us. For more information, it refers to the People Guidelines.

The Guidelines support our employees in following their rights and duties.

People Guidelines
Anti-corruption It describes rules of conduct when inviting e.g. to events or providing gifts to third parties on behalf of E.ON („Giving“) as well when accepting gifts or invitations from externals („Receiving“).
Antitrust Prevention  This People Guideline helps our employees to understand antitrust laws and provides you guidance how to apply them in practice. 
“Know Your Counterparty”-Check

It describes rules if our employees enter business relationships with external partners and explains how to perform an identity and integrity check.

Data Protection This guideline applies to all employees processing personal data within E.ON.
Information Security Our companies and customers information have to be kept secure at all times. The rules outlined in this guideline apply to information in all forms – as spoken words, written on paper or digitally.   

Media Relations and Social Media

It shows our employees how to behave when they are approached by any media outlet or if they want to share work-related information on social media.

Health, Safety and Environment

It supports all people working for E.ON in having a healthy and safe workplace.

Security for Employees

This Guideline helps our employees and contractors working for E.ON to minimize security-related risks and to travel safely.

Procurement of Goods and Services

It helps our employees to behave correctly if they want to procure goods and/or services.

Booking Business Trips

If our employees travel for E.ON they adhere to this Guideline when booking.

Organization and steering

The Steering Policy sets Group-wide organizational structure and steering philosophy. It lists exclusive and mandatory involvement of Group functions.

The Function Policies detail out exclusive tasks and mandatory involvement of Group functions. They apply to employees affected by the policy.

Function Policies with sustainability relevance
  • Communications & Political Affairs
  • Compliance
  • Energy Management
  • Sustainability and HSE
  • Group HR / Executive HR
  • Information Security
  • Legal, Security & Crisis Management and Data Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain

Further guidelines

E.ON Sustainability Strategy (2019, updated 2020)  With our sustainability strategy, we commit ourselves to sustainable business in line with our corporate strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) and present our focus areas and goals.
E.ON Health, Safety and Environment & Climate Protection Policy Statement (2013, updated 2018) In line with our corporate strategy, the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) & Climate Protection Policy formally signed by E.ON SE's Board of Management and Works Council officially defines E.ON's intentions and direction to achieve continuous improvement in the area of HSE.
Joint “Diversity and Inclusion” declaration of principle (former “Group policy on equal opportunity and diversity” from 2006; reviewed 2016) Through this declaration, we commit to create a diverse and integrated work environment in which every employee is able to develop their potential. The declaration was jointly signed by the E.ON Management Board and E.ON SE works council.
Supplier Code of Conduct (former „Principles for responsible procurement“ from 2008; reviewed  2016 and 2017, updated 2020) The Code contains standards on the subject of human rights, working conditions, environmental hazards as well as ethical business practices. It is binding for all non-fuel suppliers. In addition, all suppliers of uranium and solid biomass must contractually guarantee compliance with the Code.
Biomass Procurement Amendment (2009) The E.ON Supplier Code of Conduct is the Umbrella document for responsible purchasing at E.ON. This document further clarity specific amendments forBiomass purchasing are needed to highlight the relevant considerations for Biomass.  
Human Rights Policy Statement (2008, updated 2019) In this statement we commit to respect Human Rights in all aspects of our business.

Slavery and human trafficking statement (2020)

Slavery and human trafficking statement (2019)

Slavery and human trafficking statement (2018)

Slavery and human trafficking statement (2017)

In this statement, we publicly comment on how we prevent and combat human rights violations in the supply chain. In doing so, we meet the requirements of the "UK Modern Slavery Act".