Jellyfish power

Renewables from sun, wind and...jellyfish? Yes, it really exists. Jellyfish that glow in the dark look so fascinating because they produce a green fluorescent protein (GFP). If you coat aluminium electrodes with GFP and place them under ultraviolet light, power is produced – and without carbon emissions. Admittedly: This doesn't produce large amounts of electricity. But the power can be used, for example, for nano devices such as diagnostic instruments.

Energy for tomorrow

Climate-friendly energy production is a significant component of the energy revolution. This is because the use of fossil energy sources is linked to significant amounts of climate damaging greenhouse gas emissions. Renewables are a key to reducing carbon emissions and limiting climate change. But we also need new ideas for using energy. Because the most climate-friendly energy is energy that doesn't have to be generated in the first place. This concerns the use of power and heat, but also mobility.

As an energy company, we want to make our contribution and help to enable a sustainable energy revolution.

Countering energy wastage with innovative ideas

If you use energy efficiently then not only do you save costs, you also protect the climate. We support our customers to reduce their consumption with individual solutions. Our portfolio includes decentralised solutions that allow energy to be generated directly at the point where it is needed. Digital energy management solutions make energy consumption transparent and help to identify savings potentials and power guzzlers. While there is demand from private customers for comfortable, app-supported energy management solutions, for business customers and cities we also develop comprehensive energy solutions. These include, for example, solutions for efficient heating and cooling, power-heat decoupling and solar systems, e-mobility and demand side management. With offerings like this, we reduce emissions and improve the CO2 footprint of our customers.

smart meter
wind parks

Well networked, reliably supplied

Whether in wind parks on the high sea or a house roof in the city – in the new energy world, the power comes from renewable sources and is generated in a decentralised way. That also means: Power passes many different points to reach our networks. And because the sun doesn't always shine and the wind blows less or more at times, the power generation fluctuates according to the weather. Despite these challenges, we want to supply our customers with power in a reliable way. Our distribution networks play a central role here because they connect power generators and consumers. In order to make them future-proof, we invest in their maintenance and modernisation as well as the in the development of intelligent networks.

Energy from sun and wind

With our focus set on renewables such as solar or wind energy, we are focusing on sources that are practically inexhaustible. Renewables are a central component of our strategy. By working to expand these, we are making our contribution to a climate-friendly energy supply. We plan, develop, construct and operate onshore and offshore wind turbines as well as large solar parks and innovative battery storage technologies. Alongside large projects in the order of gigawatts, we also implement solutions for medium-sized organisations and private customers that allow them to generate their own green power. This saves costs and simultaneously ensures more comfort and greater independence.


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