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a new solar system is installed on a residential or commercial building in Europe or North America.

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Decentralised Energy Production

67% of Germans want to generate as much of their household electricity and heating needs themselves.

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Energy Efficiency

16% reduction in energy consumption in Germany is expected between 2011 and 2030.

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Reasonable Pricing

75% of Germans say that energy should be affordable.

62% of Germans would like to see a more environmentally friendly energy supply.

Source: E.ON Press Review: “Günstige Energiepreise für Deutsche am wichtigsten”: Germans consider affordable energy prices to be the most important issue, according to “BILD” magazine. 75 percent say energy should remain affordable. Their second most important concern, they say, is having an environmentally friendly supply of energy (62 percent); this was the finding of a TNS-Infratest survey conducted for Zukunft ERDGAS.

Working together to shape the energy transition

The shift in energy production has been having an effect on our customers for some time. Until just a few years ago, energy was a product that consumers were seldom directly involved with – it was simply there. Now, however, consumers are increasingly questioning how their energy is produced. This new awareness is also related to rising energy costs. And one particularly important way of easing up on your wallet is by saving on electricity.

Nowadays that's becoming easier than ever. Digital solutions, like apps, make it possible to continuously monitor your energy consumption, which makes it easier to identify potential savings. And more and more consumers are going one step further by producing electricity themselves.

What do these developments have to do with us as an energy company? One thing is clear: we have to accept change by adapting our products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

Smart customer

Number of power and gas customers 2016: 30 Mio1)

1) including customers in Turkey (50/50 joint venture)
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Corporate goal: Satisfied customers

We are responding to changes in the energy markets: our product is no longer merely the electricity that comes from the wall socket. Since our company’s restructuring in 2016, we are able to offer our customers a broader spectrum of products and services related to energy, everything from solar systems to battery storage systems, from heating solutions to lighting concepts.

And we are continuously working on new, innovative solutions. To meet our customers' needs, we first have to know what those needs are. So it is important to understand what customers expect from us in this new decentralised, green and interconnected energy world.

The customer comes first – this is one of our core corporate values. But how do we go about finding out what our customers' concerns are? First and foremost, by talking to them - and by listening very closely to what they have to say.

We can even measure how well we are meeting their needs - using the so-called "Net Promoter Score" (NPS) – which show us whether our customers would recommend us to their friends and family.

Immersing ourselves in the customer point-of-view

We want to have a clear understanding of our customers’ concerns. That's why we are using our customer immersion programme to bring our employees into direct contact with our residential and business customers. These encounters take a variety of forms: both on and offline, in small groups as well as at major events with 100 participants, focusing at times on what the customer wants in general from energy providers and at other times on specific innovations. We encourage all our employees to participate in this programme – to provide those who usually have no direct contact with customers with an opportunity to learn about exactly what's going on in the customer’s mind.

In all during 2016, we held 166 encounters with customers Group-wide through our customer immersion programme.

Roughly 2,000 employees and approximately 1,000 customers took part.

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Generate your own power – but safely!

Our new products keep us in close contact with our customers – in the truest sense of the word – because we install solar systems directly on their rooftops and storage systems like the E.ON Aura battery in their utility rooms or cellars. We also, of course, give our fullest attention to safety considerations. Because safety is always our top priority.

Safety precautions have been firmly rooted in our company for many years in the form of comprehensive policies, standards and processes. Going forward the same will apply to product safety. Which is why we are expanding our corporate policy on health, safety and environment to cover the issue of product safety.

We are already demonstrating our commitment to high safety standards in different ways when it comes to our products. We perform our own safety tests in E.ON's in-house testing lab if needed, for example, and we subject some of our products to special risk assessments – all with the aim of detecting potential safety problems early on.

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