Leadership with a clear framework

Compliance with rules and regulations is essential for us. We can only be successful in the long term if we manage our company transparently and responsibly. We rely on effective corporate structures and clear responsibilities. Avoiding corruption is just as important to us as observing human rights. And that applies not only to us, but also to our business partners.

"No" to corruption and illegal activity

The trust of our stakeholders is the basis for everything that we do. We adhere strictly to legal and internal requirements in order not to lose that trust (= compliance). This also means: We fight against corruption in all of its forms and support national and international efforts that counter it. We deal with any infractions transparently and punish them consistently. We place great value on uniform group-wide minimum standards for certain topics relating to compliance – these also include the topic of anticorruption. We use a so-called Compliance Management System in order to specify these standards. Our code of conduct helps our employees to make the right decisions in various professional situations and to remain true to our values.

No to corruption and illegal activity
Respecting human rights – worldwide

Respecting human rights – worldwide

Respecting and protecting human rights – we follow this requirement in all of our business processes. Thus social standards as well as safe and healthy working conditions also play an important role in business dealings with partner organisations. We don't want to give human rights abuses a chance. This is why we adhere to external standards and follow our own guidelines and directives. In our code of conduct for suppliers, we have defined which requirements we make of suppliers when it comes to human rights. Here we also described what we understand ethical business practices to be. In order to identify potential risks in the field of corporate responsibility for potential and current suppliers, we carry out supplier qualifications and assessments. We also take aspects of human rights into account here.

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